TENT - [Fwd: [MedievalEncampments]A Squires tent.]

Tanya Guptill tguptill at teleport.com
Tue Feb 1 18:24:51 PST 2000

Carolyn Priest-Dorman wrote:

> From: Carolyn Priest-Dorman <capriest at cs.vassar.edu>
> Giovanna <valkyr8 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> >How about a Getheld? Steve and Deb's "a sorta taxonomy
> >of pavilions" has a couple examples of Gethelds.
> The design of the little green geteld (Cariadoc's children's tent) doesn't
> differ much from a basic wedge tent of the type that is available from
> pretty much all the commercial tentmakers.  Basically it has two uprights
> and a crosspiece, and is staked down all around.
> The one with the bears is mine. ;>  The sister tent to ours belongs to a
> single woman, and she says she has put
> it up all by herself, although it's much easier if you have help at one
> particular point.  One major difference between our tents and the typical
> ones, though, is that the ends of our tents slope inward and upward toward
> the crossbeam instead of being perpendicular to the ground.  This makes
> them kind of tricky to set up alone.
> I still think a small Viking style tent is better for a single person,
> though.  Even though you've got several pieces of frame to manage, if you
> use the sleeved style it's quite possible to put it up all by yourself in
> about 15 minutes from the time you un-bungee to the time you can go inside
> and not be rained on while you lay down the floor covering!.
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