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At 07:13 AM 02/04/2000 -0600, Cherie Nolan wrote:
>I love it, a man who does scientific testing for us. With good results. The
water proofing only makes it water resistant and the fire retardence only
makes it still

        Just wanted to note that not all waterproofing increases
flammability; I had occasion to do similar tests on commercial materials,
and found that the CFAI-84 fire-retardancy spec is worth looking for when
selecting tent fabric.
        One sample of 10oz I worked with simply refuses to take fire (I used
a torch), even when saturated with wax (like a candle getting knocked into
it), dripping with alcohol (the alcohol burned off leaving the sample
untouched). Sulfuric acid didn't touch it, and boiling it for a half hour in
water did nothing to the waterproofing; water still beads-up on the sample.
        In fact, the final test was to fire a crossbow bolt at it; the shaft
went thru, but it stopped at the fletch. :-)

        Bottom line: If your tent fabric burns at all, take a fire
extinguisher with you.

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