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> > one. Another thing is some places that we camp in here in AnTir
> > will not allow 18" stakes. It  damages the parks.  

another stupid and needless restriction we can probably thank the
inconsiderate smegheads that have gone before you for ... 

seem rational that a stake that large (in most cases) is actually
good for the plant life as it breaks up and aerates the soil (anyone
out there want to practice driving a couple thousand in my yard, it
needs aeration badly and i need to get some fertilizer down to the
roots ... grin).  on the other hand, if the person who used them
dosn't take the time to restore the grounds to their origional state
(ie: fill your divets and holes ...) they can seriously mess up the

seen too many events where in the rush to leave, the campers adopt a
bug-out mentality leaving the camping sites cratered and generally
messed up (usually one of last on-site can't count the number of
abandoned camp fires that i've had to properly drown, break up the
fire rings, and fill in the many holes ... and police the areas for
garbage, abandoned hardware, etc.)

another per peeve (master of the menagerie) ... if you bring it, take
it home!  if it breaks, take it home and discard it there - after all
that's where it came from.  don't overload a already overloaded
garbage run with your dead air mattress, broken chairs, ripped tents,
etc.   only throw away real garbage ... around here we recycle, if
your home area does so, seperate out your plastics, glass, and metal
and take them home for proper disposal.   

follow the old BSA adage "pack iit in, pack it out" and "leave it
cleaner than you found it".  this will make for happy site owners and
will get you invited back.  have had to deal with site owners
"poisioned" against large groups because of "mobs" that trashed their
sites and left them to the clean up ... good tenants with a positive
history can often get the "cleaning deposit" (often significant)
waived.  and if your group is noted for cleaning up, working with the
owners, and improving the site, you can often get the site fee
negotiated downward.

final word of wisdom garnered from experience, never follow a "Crash
Worship" event (grin)


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