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Cherie Nolan marguerite at
Thu Jun 22 16:56:37 PDT 2000

Can you post it to the list? If not mail it to me. Marguerite

Lyle McMillen wrote:
> Just a few quick points regarding crow's feet - I have made 3 fifteenth century-style tents (2 bells and a round) so far, all using central poles (and ridge beams) and crow's
> feet only.  The spacing from the roof edge to the crow's foot knot is generally about 65cm, and I have really nice, smooth lines on the edge.  I have a fairly good set of
> photos documenting the construction for all three, and will be happy to post them to anyone who contacts me.  Most of the photo's date from the Rowany Festival held in Lochac
> (Australia) over Easter 2000.
> The tents are: a round, 5.8m (18') diameter at the shoulder, and 4.5m (15') tall
>     a bell 7.2m by 3.2m (nearly 25' by 11'), which stands 3.2m (11') tall
>     a small prototype bell we now use as a dining shelter.
> All use extensive crow's feet, with 5 'toes' per
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