[Re: PE - first Pavillion]

Wendy Freeman/Otte wyllow at netscape.net
Fri Sep 29 15:04:58 PDT 2000

My recommendation for a first pavilion, based on my own trial & error, is to
start with research:
1. What is your persona?  What timeperiod & locality?  Search for tents in
pictures from these timeperiods/locations.  I've got a great 14th-Century
French 2-bell pavilion - too bad I'm actually 600AD Scots!  Now I'm building a
Roman pup tent for those "high persona" events.

2. How much work can you put into it?  How many people are available to set it
up?  (When poles outnumber people in your *camping* household, you have to beg
for help - which can be difficult if you're the first one there or last one

3. How "authentic" do you want it - where will you compromise?  Some use the
10-ft rule (if it looks authentic from 10 ft, good enough!).  Some go all out
(I twisted my own rope & gutted my own goats to make this!)  Most of us fall
in-between, using lumberyard hardware, prepared canvas, etc...  Decide on your
philosophy, then stick to it.

When you are happy with your answers to these questions, start hunting down
patterns.  This will save you a lot of heart-ache in the long run.

firehorse <firehorse at swbell.net> wrote:
> I'm kind of new to the list also.  There are quite a few links posted in
> archive.  You might also try www.spinningwinds.com.  They make pavilions and
> also teaches classes in constructing your own.  www.dnaco.net/~arundel has
> bunch of patterns for various camping things and try the SCA hunt site
(sorry I
> can't remember the URL).
> The list is a bit slow but I think that's because we give each other
> and ideas and then take off to go make things.  We come back when we need
> help and just before any of the big wars.
> I'm off for the weekend to an event, so happy hunting.  Seriously, go look
> the archive.
> Lady Edith
> Michael Heffner wrote:
> > Well I just subscribed to this list yesterday and the traffic seems very
> > slow compared to others I am on. I'm looking to build my first Pavillion
> > have been researching them on the internet. Anyone ave any links to plans
> > pictures (including your own) that you would like to share?
> >
> >
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