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Sat Sep 30 00:05:42 PDT 2000

At 3:04 PM -0700 9/29/00, Jennifer Hill wrote:
>Greetings, good gentles.  I am Gwen verch Rhys of Gwynnedd, living in the
>Kingdom of the West, Principality of Cynagua, Shire of Desert Garden.
>[mundanely, Elko, NV]
>I am just beginning to put together my "kit" & want to begin w/ period
>articles rather than having to replace things as I go along.
>I'm just learning to sew & don't think I am quite ready to sew a pavilion,
>yet. <G>  [Hopefully, I shall be able to manage it by late Spring.]
>What do you do to enhance the ambience of the pavilion & campsite?

I have this nifty period rope bed design ...  . A version of the 
article is webbed at:

A lot of it is not what you do but what you don't do--not having 
blatantly period things where they can be seen.
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