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Greetings from Master Terafan,

	There are two food-grade finishes that I am aware of:

1) Claphams Beeswax Salad Bowl Finish
- http://www.vtonly.com/k1009.htm    $5.95 for 2 oz jar
- http://arbour.on.ca/arbrpr06.phtml  $5.99 for 2 oz jar
- http://stevenkennard.com/supplies.html#clapham  $5.70 for 2 oz jar

2) Behlen's Salad Bowl Finish.
- www.woodfinishsupply.com    $7.12 for a pint
- http://www.cheyennesales.com/catalog/behsalad.htm   $ 9.95 for a pint
- www.woodcraft.com   or 1-800-225-1153    $ 8.99 for a pint
- www.refinish.com   or 1-888-473-3464   $9.95 for a pint


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The search for food-grade sealants has been derailed a bit by some mundane
priorities, but here's what I've found so far.

There is a product called Food-Safe which is specifically designed for
sealing wood plates, bowls, mugs, etc. The one place I found that used to
carry it no longer does, nor have I been able to find a new supplier.

There is also a product called Behlen's Salad Bowl Finish. I have searched
for this stuff on some online catalogs that carry Behlen's finishes and
supplies, as well as local shops which carry their products. No luck yet.

I'd advise you all to type "Food Safe" into your search engine. Some very
interesting (but unrelated) subjects come up which could be of great use to
SCA camping and activities.

And the search goes on.


-- Ld. Cedric Einarsson
-- (Insert Favorite Expletive Here)

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