[Periodencampments] Theater or Research?

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Hi C. Weed.

I am a member of the New Varangian Guard Inc. (Australia) and definitely in
the Living History encampment.



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>Subject: [Periodencampments] Theater or Research?
>Date: Sat, 5 May 2001 02:26:48 -0500
>I'm new to this list so forgive me if I am drumming up an old subject.
>Over the last few years I have noticed that many of my friends have opted
>shift from a more devil-may-care style of camp to what they call a 'period'
>camp.  There seems to be,  however, two schools of thought on this: one
>maintains that the environment they keep at events conjures an *image* of
>what life may have been like, and one that attempts to actually get a feel
>for the way it may have actually been through the scope of what we're able
>to take with us to the local State Park.  Essentially, one group treats an
>SCA outing like a theater project and the other treats it like a living
>history project.
>An example of the theater crowd might be a group of friends here in
>Ansteorra who run a tavern at events... coolers in wood boxes, kegs out of
>sight, outrageous wigs and false cockney accents.  They work very hard at
>painting a stage in Elizabethan gentry colors.
>An example of the history crowd might be a group of friends who meet in
>Calontir at big events to set up a period woodshop; hewing logs, dragging
>them up to the shop, and using period tools and sweat to make more tools,
>furniture, and sundry other medieval necessities.  They work very hard to
>give people an accurate picture of what is involved in using those tools in
>that environment.
>Where do most of you here on this list stand?  I'll save my position for
>later... for now, I'm curious what you lot think.
>D. in Ansteorra
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