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Garthman42@aol.com Garthman42 at aol.com
Mon May 7 20:47:19 PDT 2001

Evening All,
I am usually just one of the many lurkers of this list, but I wanted to say
that I would love to have a gathering during Pennsic.  I just finished my
first tent this year and quickly followed it with three others.  I was
thinking we could arrange a traveling party with stops at the camps where
people wanted to show off their new tents.  That way we also share the
hosting responsibilities.  Just something to consider.

Im glad to see so many people talking again, and would like to throw my hat
in the ring on the topic of theatrical vs. historical.  Several people have
said that they make allowances with strictly period encampments versus the
time available.  I fall into the same category with them.  I started
attending Pennsic five years ago in a pup tent and I now have several tents
around 15'x25'.  I am trying to influence my group to work at appearing more
period, and if we should ever have an entire period "looking" camp I would be
thrilled.  I have no qualm with being considered a theatrical camp.  I have
worked with historical camps and it was a great experience.  I worked with a
group called Clann Tartan out of Minnesota and they were extremely
historically accurate.  The goal of Clann Tartan was to teach history using a
hands on method.  I camp with Brotherhood of the Black Rose and we are no
where near as historically accurate, but we have a different goal.  We are
not teaching history, we are learning it...reinventing it.  Our camp is not
as period as I would eventually like for it to be, but we are slowly getting
there.  I see our camp as a place where we create a
"period-ish" setting where a very diverse group can explore its many
interests.  So if asked whether we are a theatrical camp or a historical one,
I would say we are theatrical, and I would argue that its not a bad thing to

I invite you all to stop down for a visit this Pennsic.  We are located in
area E-17 on
Old Tuchux (SP) hill, just up the way from the Chalkman pub.  I hope to meet
many of you this year at the war. Lets make this Tea or whatever happen this

Yours In Service,
Gabriel Johnstone,
Brotherhood of the Black Rose

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