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John LaTorre jlatorre at midtown.net
Thu Feb 7 10:44:05 PST 2002

Greetings, the list!

A few (semi-) last minute pieces of information on what's
happening at Estrella War:

1. The Period Encampment is now officially full. If we have
been alloted more space than we think we have (and the
chances for this are good), or if we have no-shows, then we
can accomodate more people, but there are no guarantees. Do
keep in touch, or check in with the PE autocrat when you
arrive to see if there is still space.

2. I'll be teaching the following classes (to my best
knowledge, the dates and times are accurate):

   1. Tentmaking round table (Friday, Noon-2 p.m.)

   2. Slide show: Period and SCA Tentage (Friday, 4 p.m.-5

   3. Slide show: History of the London Bridge (Saturday 9
a.m.-10 a.m.)

   4. Tool sharpening for woodworkers Saturday 10 a.m.-11

3. There will be a textile arts area (largely dyeing,
although spinners, weavers, and the like are encouraged to
participate. It will be run by Baroness Flavia Beatrice
Carmigniani (Bjo Trimble). Here's her description of what's
happening there:

> The Estrella War Dye-In will be held in area 9 of the site map, on the
> concrete pad that used to house royal courts the past few wars.  The
> Dye-In will be on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, starting with heating up
> the mordant pots and dyepots about 10 am, and getting into serious dyeing
> around 11 am to 1 pm and go until the dyes and dyers are exhausted.
> Spectators and participants (wear something that can get wet!) are welcome
> at the Dye-In.
> We'll be dyeing with indigo and madder (used in Asia Minor by at least 4000
> BC), logwood (used in Japan by AD 710; in Britain by AD 1500), and walnut
> (used in Greece by AD 50), plus several other dyes of the period.  Questions
> will be cheerfully answered and discussed.  Fabric and yarn samples will be
> on hand for those who would like to try their hand at period dyeing.  I will
> have my new book, A Friendly Guide to Period Dyes & Fibers, for sale.  The
> book comes with 40 hand-dyed yarn samples of period dyes.
> On Friday we will give an indigo demo to visiting about 700 school children,
> so if you see a large crowd, it is likely not a good time to visit.  There
> will also be a Children's and Youth Center demo each day about 2 pm, during
> which dyers may not have much time to talk except to answer questions from
> youngsters.


John LaTorre (Johann von Drachenfels)

"Always do right. It will gratify some people & astonish the
--Mark Twain

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