[Periodencampments] not Viagra furniture- very low price-skerrigoes on......

Gail gailh at fanninelectric.com
Sun Apr 3 08:10:45 PDT 2005

good my Lord Skerri

you mentioned pictures of pavilions? and furniture? 
(drool) I've played in the SCA for a number of years.....(more than I had realized, until very recently) but I'm still trying to acquire things to set up a period encampment. (which is why my interest in this list!)

  also....I'm an equestrian and provision has to be made for my horse(s) at an event.

anyone on this list, want to comment?

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  Did you all see that one from the person labeled- I think-ansteorra-rapier owner?  As if..........  Well, I am going to do a post in awhile, probably tomorrow, that is not an add for breast implants, sex improvement, viagra, etc.  I have some really cool info i have built up off the internet.  Hey, do we have a page to display this stuff in?  I should go look.  So, I have some cool stuff, pics of pavillions I have done, some ideas for furniture, etc.  Sorry, no Viagra furniture, breast implanted pavillions, or lamps that improve your se..........okay, that last one actually might not be a bad idea.  oh, sorry, me bad.

  As far as an owner to the list, tomorrow i will go into my yahoo accounts and see about e-mailing the person.  I am sure we can all get something figured out.  I am on another list by the same name, but not Ansteorra, that is super active.  i get the two confused so I have no idea if this one is active or not;  Judging by one or two comments, its not all that active.  We all need to fix that.  Oh, lets all write (e-mail) the people who spam the list, and ask them to knock it off!  I mean really write alot, but not be mean.

  So, here is to tomorrow

  Most sincerely your humble Servant,
  Lord Skerri Valtorsson

  Formerly of Vinita, Oklahoma, Incipient Canton of Chemin Noir (founding Knight Marshal), Barony Northkeep, Kingdom of Ansteorra.
  Currently Marana, Arizona, Barony Tir Ysgithr (Kingdom lose-end Marshal), Kingdom of Atenveldt

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      You know, I do not think Viagra is a period piece of furniture, and if it were, I would not sit on it!  Oh, well.  I think maybe the Moderator or owner needs to consider moderating the first couple of messages from people.  or we all buy Viagra and sit on it............LOL

      Ld. Skerri

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