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Who runs this list?  I want to unsubscribe because of all the spam, but the
process does not seem to work.

Someone, PLEASE, unsubscribe me.

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> with the household, the family, that Konstantin Levin was in love,
> especially with the feminine half of the household. Levin did not remember
> his own mother, and his only sister was older than he was, so that it was in
> the Shtcherbatskys' house that he saw for the first time that inner life of
> an old, noble, cultivated, and honorable family of which he had been
> deprived by the death of his father and mother. All the members of that
> family, especially the feminine half, were pictured by him, as it were,
> wrapped about with a mysterious poetical veil, and he not only perceived no
> defects whatever in them, but under the poetical veil that shrouded them he
> assumed the existence of the loftiest sentiments and every possible
> perfection. Why it was the three young ladies had one day to speak French,
> and the next English; why it was that at certain hours they played by turns
> on the piano, the sounds of which were audible in their brother's room
> above, where the students used to work; why they were visited by those
> professors of French literature, of music, of drawing, of dancing; why at
> certain hours all the three young ladies, with Mademoiselle Linon, drove in
> the coach to the Tversky boulevard, dressed in their satin cloaks, Dolly in
> a long one, Natalia in a half-long one, and Kitty in one so short that her
> shapely legs in tightly-drawn red stockings were visible to all beholders;
> why it was they had to walk about the Tversky boulevard escorted by a
> footman with a gold cockade in his hat--all this and much more that was done
> in their mysterious
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"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in
your philosophy."

--From Hamlet (I, v, 166-167)
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