RF - Here we come to serve the day

Laughing Boy pantelone at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 17 12:41:33 PDT 1998

>I much prefer my mongols the traditional tartar way: raw, trimmed of 
>excess fat, chopped finely and served with minced onions and garlic and 
>an egg yolk on top drowned in Worcesteshire and garnished with  capers 
>and chopped parsley...  a true delight!  Gwynn

>>Well I Am here to see what havoc brings the well wishing three
>>fritters and froth the the apple pickers said we want not for drink or
>>Hello everybody I am on
>>Ti Ra 
>>Robert Kuari
>>I like my Mongols fried with a little Tartar sauce on the side

Hey now, we horse-barbarians gonna have to talk with some people, aren't 

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