RF - Great Weekend

Hunaric jyml at swbell.net
Mon Apr 5 16:42:49 PDT 1999

Hail, good friends,

        My lady and I would just like to say that we enjoyed this past
weekend immensly, and we hope everyone else did also.  Despite the
weather (or perhaps because of it!) this was one of my favorite events
so far, Top Ten, at least.  Congrats to Gwen for a great Quest, it was
fun.  Well fought to all the fighters I met in the ring, as well as
those I didn't get a chance to fight.  Congrats to Squire Anton for
winning the 'pit, good move!  As to the one or ones who thought drunk
mud wrestling was the way to go, it took an hour to get the mud outta my
ears!  Ah, what the hell, it was great. (I'll show the pics at Day in
the Manor) Thank you to the Amazons, as always, and to everyone else who
helped to kill two silver alters of ale! 'Til the next one!

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