STDLRB13 STDLRB13 at shsu.edu
Tue Apr 20 11:00:27 PDT 1999

congrats sir dude !

Tim Lozos wrote:

> Greetings!
> First, a small correction...
> >For those that don't know, Timo was offered *Knighthood* this past
> >weekend!
> Actually, it's Knighthood or Mastery of Arms. I have accepted, and have been
> charged by His Majesty to decide to accept white belt or baldric by Steppes
> Warlord.
> I will be having a vigil on Friday night, May 28th, with the elevation
> sometime Saturday the 29th. I hope everyone can make it.
> Thanks to everyone here.....I couldnt have made it without everyones support
> and friendship.
> Thank you Ravensfort!
> Timo

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