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A Knight once told me that a Christmas tree is still a Christmas tree, with
or without the orniments.

Gilli  (But you're still my Mighty Warlord)

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>STDLRB13 wrote:
>> I STILL SAY DSD should be a KNIGHT !
>> grumble grumble from the darkness
>> Ragan
>    Thanks for the vote.  There may be others that feel the same way.  I
>know my short comings and the reasons 'why not' probably better than
>because elusive things provoke such thought.
>    Secretly, I am squire to every Knight.  I've studied Knights and
>Knighthood since the beginning.  I even put my heart into it for a few
>years, then circumstances changed.  I became Baron.  Some would say that
>doesn't matter, but I do.  Still at every chance, every event, I will
>out some unwary Knight to watch, learn from, and evaluate.  Sometime I
>grace and manners, other times it's prowess and skill.  There is no one
>thing that makes a Knight, save possibly commitment to one's oaths till
>death.  Currently my oaths are to the crown.  Not as a Knight, but as a
>Baron.  I serve you and this Barony first and will not be distracted
>it.  If being Baron blows my chance, then so be it.
>    I am not a Knight, nor even close, and I've thought on this a lot.
>my definition of Knighthood, it takes more than I could ever give.  To
>it takes being a squire.  It also takes commitment to learning skills
>as bardic, song, and dance.  It takes a serious study of history.  It
>moral excellence, goodness, and righteousness.  It takes conformity in
>and conduct which exemplifies moral and ethical principles.  It takes
>practice and an unwavering devotion to profound ideals for living.  It
>study and meditation upon the virtues and the sins.  It takes Prowess,
>Courage, and Honesty, and Loyalty, and Generosity, and Faith, and
>and Franchise.  All of which can be elusive.  It takes service and
>Above all it takes A LOT of fighting.  And still, for all this, one may
>become a Knight, but if one should, then their work has only just begun.
>    Sure it would be an honor to stand within that brotherhood.  I've
>many friends there and each of them exemplify what I've said above.  I
>told something early on by Sir William of Weir and have seen its proof
>presence of every Knight since; Knighthood is just an accolade for that
>which you already are.  Thanks for seeing that in me, though I see it
>myself.  You give me cause to work on a few things.
>David St David, Raven's Fort

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