RF - misplaced pack

STDSAC14 STDSAC14 at shsu.edu
Wed Apr 21 17:20:10 PDT 1999

Yep. It's black . Marvis said he saw it in there just the other day.I have
to get in touch with kief when I have  the time available to go get it. Or
someone who has a key. I'll do that by phone though. Easier that way.
Thanks for the help.

Cobalt60 at lcc wrote:

> I saw it in the kitchen its black also ...........right?     YOSHI   :)
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> >I can't remember finding your backpack but then again I have changed
> >brains since Quest!  Zorc and I put all the lost and found from the
> >tavern in the site's kitchen.  It might be there.  You may want to
> >ask Kief if he can check for you.
> >Good luck
> >Gwynn
> >
> >
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> >>Subject: RF - misplaced pack
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> >>* Dummy me* Evidently I have misplaced my back back. I have
> >dismantled
> >>the house looking for it but  I think I may have left it on site
> >after
> >>quest. It is a black pack with a tan leather bottom with a red yarn
> >>tassel hanging from one of the zippers. It has my feast gear in it as
> >>well and a slew of pens and pencils. If someone picked it up, please
> >let
> >>me know so that I can come get it.  The last time I remember having
> >it
> >>was at the tavern. Although I could have sworn I packed it.
> >>
> >>Thanks a bunch.
> >>
> >>In Love and Honor,
> >>Nicolette
> >>
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