RF - Demo In Huntsville

STDSAC14 STDSAC14 at shsu.edu
Fri Apr 30 08:01:44 PDT 1999

On Monday, May 10th, if there are gentles who are available to take the
time, the presence of a few fighters ( both light and heavy) and someone
with the Bardic gift are invited to entertain and help some young ( ages
2-5)  children celebrate May Day ( a week late).  There will be a "May
Pole" for those who would like to participate.

The Demo begins at 9 am and will continue until 11 when we break for
"peasant's lunch" of which you are invited to partake as well.

The location is at Kids Unlimited off of highway 190 E in Huntsville.
Between Scott Johnson and Huntsville Intermideate School, there is a
small road to the right if you are going east ( I'll post the name later
I can't rememr it right now). At the first stop sign, turn RIGHT. Go
through the next stop sign annd the center will be on your left.  Parking
is limited so please do what you can to carpool. If you have any
questions, I can be reached at work (the best time is between 5:30pm and
6:30pm) at 409-293-1577.  Ask for Shannon.  Please, if possible drop me a
line if you can make it that way I can make preparations for
everything.   The only way this will be canceled is if it rains since we
have to do the fighting outside. ( Yes, there is plenty of space.)
In Love and Honor,
Nicolette DeLeon

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