RF - I 'm legal now...:)

AMH\DBLJ orthart at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 4 18:27:27 PDT 1999

Greetings all !  Marivs here, back on line after a two month down.  What
??  You didn't even know I was gone ??  Looks like I missed some
excitement with Raegoon.  I'm sure he'll be entertaining as I wade
through the hundreds of back log e-mails.   

There will be an open Assassins Guild meeting in the next month or so
for anyone interested in playing as an assassin, a vigilante, a
bodyguard or just wanting more info on the guild.  ( Pisssst, if you're
planning on playing as an assassin don't tell anyone but me.  If a
victim knows you're out to get him, it's hard to sneek-up on 'em.  Who
knows, your victim may be your best friend some day. )     Watch the
Sept. Quoth for time and place.

Pax           MARIVS

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