RF - Invitation for a Tourney

Nicolette DeLeon nicolettedeleon at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 9 15:25:20 PDT 1999

It is with great pleasure thatI announce  a
"mini-tourney" to take place on August 29,1999 at
2:00p.m.   The tourney is to be held at the gazebo
where the Barony of Raven's Fort usually holds fighter
practice.  This is a two-fold tourney.  It is to
ennsure that every memebr of the barony has a lord or
lady to either carry a favor on the field or to have
someone carry thier favor on the field at Defender of
the Fort.  If you do not have someone to fight for or
have someone to  fight for you, please attend. Also
for fighers who do have a lord or lady, there is a
secondary tourney involved. Prizes will be offered for
each.  William the Black has offered up an overall
prize. If  you wish to know what it is, you must
attend. I do not even know what the prize is.  I am
offering up a second prize of a tabbard and tunic for
the overall winner of the "Favor Tourney". 

This is going to be a fun day for all.  I hope to see
you there.

In love and honor,
Lady Nicolette DeLeon
"specto a amor necnon honor" 
behold with love and also honor
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