RF - List Admin, please read

D. R. Hoffpauir env_drh at shsu.edu
Fri Aug 13 09:09:43 PDT 1999

Hello all,

    Some quick list admin stuff I need to throw out.

1.  Someone has been playing list administrator and 'unsubscribing'
others from the list.  If I catch you, you are outta here.  I get the
biggest headache, not the person you are jacking with.

2.  Do not try to send images or attchments through the list server.
There is a filter at the server that prevents files over a certain size
to go through.  Its intent is to prevent single messages from bogging
down the system while sending to 40-50 people.  Keep you messages simple
and text based.

3.  There are also filters intended to catch 'chain letters'.  These are
filtered for the same reason and because they are eat up bandwith.
Please do not post them to the system.

On all three of these I get bounce messages and list admin requests
autogenned from the server.  One filtered message from your end gets me
three, sometimes four, messages (if Pug gets PO'ed).  Although the
system is intended for SCA business, it's Okay to chat, send jokes,
etc.  Let's keep it to that.  Thanks.

List Admin

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