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Below is the text of an article I submitted to Lady Jacinth for publication
in the Quoth. Since not all have a subscription to the Quoth (and you
should...hint, hint) I am distributing it on the Ravens Fort list and the
Sweinnet list.

There will be a work weekend this Saturday starting about 8am. Painting,
cleaning and clearing will be the order of the day.

Lunch will be served, bring something to drink.

Also, it will be VERY HOT, so bring water to drink as there will not be any
unless individuals bring it.

Any questions, call or email me direct.

Defender XVII Event Steward


Greetings From The Event Steward of Defender XVII, 10th Anniversary of the
Barony of Ravens Fort.

Besides this event being the 10th Anniversary of the Barony of Ravens Fort,
it is the 20th Anniversary of the founding of the local SCA group. While
this group has used several names through the years before settling on
Ravens Fort, it was in 1979 that folks first held a meeting in the name of
the SCA for the formation of a local SCA group. We will be celebrating that
as well as the birthday of the Barony.

Much work is going on right now. However, much more will need to be done
over the next few weeks to get ready for the event to be held Sept. 18, 19,
20, 1999.

Up front and most of all, we need all that can, to come to the work weekends
that will be held in the next few weeks. There will be various jobs for all
folks to do and they will get a free lunch!

The work days will be

August, 28, 1999  8am at the site.
September 4-5, 1999 8am at the site.
September 11-12, 1999  8am at the site.

We are starting at 8am due to the heat that we have been having. Bring water
or drinks for yourself. There will be drinks for lunch that will be provided
on all work days.

Some of the things that need to be done

Paint list poles, road poles, showers, sign, move sign, set up new tents,
set new tent poles, mow, spray poison ivy, spray ants, scrub water barrels,
move water, clean out kitchen, set up Hospitaler changing room and I am sure
there is more.

If we get out there and get on it early, we can be finished before it gets
too hot.

We still need folks to sign up for gatekeeper shifts. There will be a list
at populace in September.

We still need someone to do a scroll for the Chivalric competition. Please
see me or Kezia about this if you are interested.

History items and stories are needed for the history display. This is very
important and we would like to get as much as possible on this. See H.E.
Chrystal for history items.

Water bearers are needed. It will be @#%^  hot out there and lots of help
will be needed. See Lady Nicolette DeLeon about the water bearer help.

This is Ravens Fort big event each year. Lets make this one a really
fabulous one to remember. We will need lots of folks at the event to do
things such as serve the feast, run troll, help direct people, marshal,
herald the words and et.al.

I can be reached at 409-291-9532, 281-536-5239 or email at niklas at wt.net.
Please do not call after about 10pm. Kezia can be reached at the same
numbers. She is the Co-autocrat and can answer many questions.

It will take everyone in the Barony to put their feelings aside and pull
together to make this work. Lets put our best foot forward and together we
will show the Known World that we know how to put on an event. We have done
it before and we will do it again.

Tally Ho


Lord Niklas Vasilevich
Event Steward, Defender of the Fort XVII

Paul Gilbert, KE5ZW                                Ld. Niklas Vasilievich
Huntsville, Texas 77340                            Southern Region Treasurer
281-536-5239                                           Barony of Ravensfort
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