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Charlie sezzzzzzz..

>They are trying to make the site look good for the baronial ten year

Thank you Charlie, round up the troops and come on down!

And anyone else that can come, as here is what is going on....

Plans are right now, if all goes well, to plant the poles that will support
the new tents next week. This will be a massive undertaking and will need
many strong backs.

The poles will be the center poles for round tents that are about 40 feet in
dia. and will be located at the corners of the list field. It will be GRAND.

Sir Keif is the Project Master and I or he will post more about this as we
move along.

There will also be some more painting, mowing, weed eating, poison ivy
spraying and clearing of trees.

I will be posting a list of things to do this week.

As far as Sat went, it was great. We had several folks there at 8am and by
noon we had a bunch of folks, clearing, moving and stuff.

Got the list field posts painted (after I got my #$#!@#% paint gun working).
Got the Equestrian camping area cleared and moved the swing set for the
children's area closer to the list field so the kids will be easier to watch
for the parents.

More is to be done. Watch for the list about Tues or Wed.

This is the Baronies event. This the "1020" anniversary of the Barony of
Ravens Fort and the SCA in Ravens Fort. ("1020" stands for 10 years as a
Barony and 20 years of SCA in Huntsville/Ravens Fort....kinda neat huhhhh.
Wish it had been thought of earlier).

At any rate....we will show the rest of the kingdom how to put on a show.
THUS, we need all hands on deck for the work weekends and at the event.

If we get a good turn out in manpower, there will not be a need for folks to
work like dogs, or hold a post all by themselves. Thus, folks will be able
to work short shifts and then go enjoy the event.

Reminder...we still need gatekeepers. Mostly on Saturday. I will post the
shifts need this week.

Thanks....to those there yesterday. Hope to see others next week. If mundane
life gets in the way, I understand. But, if you can come help, please do so.
We finished by 3pm-4pm yesterday and then went to see 13th Warrior......it
was grand...Sir Keif was in Valkerie (sp) !!!. Everyone needs to see it.
Very well done.


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