RF - Cry for Arms!

Tim Lozos timden at lcc.net
Tue Aug 31 12:38:16 PDT 1999

>Hail All,
>    My Brothers and I are in the midst of preparing for War this weekend
>in the West, and I am sending out a request for weaponry. We need two
>pair of gauntlets and a mass weapon for the barrier melee. If anyone has
>such that we may borrow, please let us know.
>Lord Hunaric

Hi yall!!!

Hey, who all is planning on hitting Gothic? We're about 75% positive on
going. Ithink it would be cool to have Ravensfort get together out there.

BTW- Speaking of gauntlets, someone left a pair (Tiny's?) at my house after
the Pennsic party.

Sir Timo

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