RF - Fw: TRF info and update. We need HELP BAD.

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Subject: TRF info and update. We need HELP BAD.

    Hello from the TRF liasion H.L.Yoshi.
    We have but 30 days left before the TRF season starts! We need to finish painting and the roof is half done as I write!
    The turn out has been less than good the last few months and I suspect that the heat has been the main reason. It has been very hot and is getting cooler now that the fall is nearing.
We need all the help that we can summon this weekend! We need painters, and lots of them!
We have a lot of trim work that needs finished and the back of the armory needs painted. The roof will need to be finished in the next two weeks. The walk way may be set for next year. We have not had a good turn out of people who know how to do some of the projects that we are working on!
    Here is a list of what need to be done
1. Finish paining and recoat some thin areas. this is the most important!
2. Build a new door for the back entrance. Its simple but needs to look good.
3. Finish the roof. I can finish it with four people if the others work on the painting. 
4. The walk way if possible.
    That is it. If we can get alot of people to atttend this work weekend we may make it intime for TRF opening day! Be ready to help! Call your freinds and bring them out. 
Spread the news We need help !  
                                        Yoshi      :o(       
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