RF - Brew ha ha and a ho ho ho

AMH/DBLJ orthart at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 7 00:29:27 PST 1999


Squeezed over a gallon more out of the grains which brought it up to a
full 5 gal.     That makes twenty for the day.
5 gal.  Red Ale
5 gal.  Purple Haze Raspberry Ale
5 gal.  Winter Weizen
5 gal.  Honey Red Wheat II
Thanks so much for teaching and lending a hand.  I know everyone learned
something / a lot.
The Baronial Yule Party was a hoot too.  You and Gwynn are always great
hosts.  Thanks for a very enjoyable two days.

Pax,      Marius

P.S.  I got away with your glass mixing bowl.  Sorry.  It had the rest
of the raspberry in it.  I'll bring it next time I come up.

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