RF - Gulf War

Larry Gilstrap (Leovigild) thefort1 at pdq.net
Tue Dec 7 19:38:34 PST 1999

When are the reservations needed by? I'm sure that Hunaric, Sir
Timo, Erik, and I will be going.


Lorraine and/or Kief wrote:

> We need 20 people pre-reserved for Gulf War to be able
> to get a plot of land reserved...otherwise we will have to
> just get land as we get there...and there may or may not be
> enough in one area to let all who want to camp together do so.
> So I'm starting the list...
> Kief
> Kris
> and I
> and a rumoured 2 from ConFed...
> Anyone else game....
> Lorraine
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