RF - Gates Edge Fighter Practice

Jack and Kerry Moore jack.moore at compaq.net
Tue Dec 14 17:31:28 PST 1999


As the new (acting) knight marshal for the Canton of Gate's Edge I am
planning on starting up a fighter practice in the Spring, TX area.  Anyone
who is interested please let me know:

    1.  Which nights are best for you (Tuesday and Thursday conflict with
Stargate area    practices that I attend, and second and forth Mondays
conflict with Gates Edge meetings).

    2.  Whether you would prefer a Springish, Tomballish or Woodlandsish
sort of site.

If you are interested in Rapier practice, please direct inquiries to Lady
Simone jaysmom at swbell.net.  Thank you for your kind attention.  You may go
back to what ever you were doing now.

In service,
Thorvaaldr Nordvik
Canton of Gates Edge Knight Marshal (Acting)

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