RF - Spring Event Info

AMH/DBLJ orthart at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 15 10:39:18 PST 1999


I'm not sure that costs for BW&G will be a good indicator for other
events.  Prizes are donated and we will have an unusually large number of
things going on at the same time to give a carnival atmosphere.  I will,
however, be glad to work with you on costs and other needed things for our
primitive site.  I have autocrated 13 times, 11 of which were at the
Stones.  I will be at officer's meeting this Thursday or you can give me a
call.  281-367-3409

Pax,        Marius

Hunaric wrote:

> Hail,
>     I need some info so I can finalize a few things for the spring
> event. I need Kezia to e-mail me the "Autocrat's Handbook" she wrote up,
> and an idea on costs from Marius, for what he has going on for Black
> White and Sorta Flooded.
> Thanks
> Tim

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