RF - Gates Edge Fighter Practice

Larry Gilstrap (Leovigild) thefort1 at pdq.net
Wed Dec 15 16:31:45 PST 1999

    How about on Wednesdays? I live in Spring and would be very interested in
a fighter practice in this area.

Ld Leovigild of Clan Cadhla Fitheach

Jack and Kerry Moore wrote:

> Greetings,
> As the new (acting) knight marshal for the Canton of Gate's Edge I am
> planning on starting up a fighter practice in the Spring, TX area.  Anyone
> who is interested please let me know:
>     1.  Which nights are best for you (Tuesday and Thursday conflict with
> Stargate area    practices that I attend, and second and forth Mondays
> conflict with Gates Edge meetings).
>     2.  Whether you would prefer a Springish, Tomballish or Woodlandsish
> sort of site.
> If you are interested in Rapier practice, please direct inquiries to Lady
> Simone jaysmom at swbell.net.  Thank you for your kind attention.  You may go
> back to what ever you were doing now.
> In service,
> Thorvaaldr Nordvik
> Canton of Gates Edge Knight Marshal (Acting)

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