RF - Work weekends?

AMH/DBLJ orthart at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 16 11:04:08 PST 1999

Not yet.  We are not in the growing season and we already have a bonfire
so there is not much to do.  I want to start work on the Rattan Man asap
to have it out of the way and in case we run in to any snags.  We will
probably need some pine saplings for that.  I need to get with Brian (
Yoshi Notyoshi ) as he has a plan for the inner structure.

I will probably be out at the site a lot after deer season as the tavern
requires repairs and a fresh coat of paint.

Other than that, perhaps a weekend to finish some other project.  I
would love to see the kitchen completed.  Unless it is pouring rain we
will not need the kitchen for BW&G so if someone has something else...

Pax,         Marius

Lorraine and/or Kief wrote:

> Do we have any prospective work weekends yet for BWG?
> Lorraine
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