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Unto the Honorable Lord Yoshimoto no Koriyama, Seneschal of the Fair Barony of Raven's Fort does Lady Averick of Glen Rowany send Greetings and Salutations.
On the weekend of February 18-20, in the upcoming year, the Shire of Middleford, will be holding it's annual event known as IceAxe.  For the first time ever, Middleford will be hosting Equestrian events.   We enjoyed the presence of your noble Baron at our last event, along with many of your fine populace, and hope to see them again soon.  Though there are few equestrians in this area, it is a central location for the riders in the far reaches of the Kingdom to gather.  This will add great pageantry and splendor for spectators and participants alike, and I would beg a boon of you that you let this be known to the gentles of your fair Barony so that all may come and join the fun.  If there are any in your lands who would wish to participate in the equestrian games, please have them contact me by phone or e-mail, as I am the equestrian coordinator for this event.  I wish you great cheer for this holiday season.
In Service,
Lady Averick of Glen Rowany
averick at surfamerica.net
(254) 547-9069
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