RF - New Years Revelry not Revilement

Cobalt60@lcc cobalt60 at lcc.net
Fri Dec 31 11:30:20 PST 1999

>From Brian du Val,
    I love my spell checker so much that I let it write my party plans for
me. The Webster's dictionary defines " Revilement" as the following:

                To subject to verbal abuse : Vituperate.
                  To use abusive language :  Rail

                                                But to Revel  (as my
intent )

        Revelment (not actually in the dictionary but did fit my needs for
the English
                                language. Like a chainsaw in a butcher

                Noisy partying or merrymaking

So if you choose to attend my New Years Eve Party (NYEP) be prepared for a
night of revelry and hopefully not with a Knight of revilement and pray not
prey that I intend to be a reveler and not a revelator.

                                Lesson learned on letting my spell checker
write for me.

Brian du Val    :o)

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