RF - Populous this week

Cobalt60@lcc cobalt60 at lcc.net
Tue Jun 29 19:07:25 PDT 1999

Well if it doesn't rain when it pours. The populace will be at he Art
building room 108 next to LONG JOHN SILVERS on SAM HOUSTON BLVD. at 7.00p.m.
Doug (Marius) was able to swing the Air Conditioned room for this month and
next month through the art director. Due to the Heat advisories it seemed
like a good idea!

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Date: Monday, June 28, 1999 5:23 PM
Subject: RF - Populous this week

>    Well, believe it or not, I've been off the ravensfort list for over
>a month.  Pretty good trick for the list manger.  Thought you'all were
>just being quiet.  Anyway, I checked the archives and it don't look like
>I missed much.
>    Reminder, POPULOUS is Thursday at the Gazebo.  If you have anything
>for the Coronation Basket please bring it.
>    We'll be trying to nail down Autocrat/ Feastocrat for Defender.
>We've got some 'maybes', but nothing on paper.  Defender is 3 months
>    Also keep in mind that ATYC is coming up.  It will be a good time.
>If you can't get there before the weekend, let us know, and we'll do a
>'land grab'.  Lots of folks are going up for the Thus-Fri activities.

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