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An almost complete chronological list of all the quests! Approximate 
titles are noted by *.  Care to fill the holes?  

85  The Mushroom Ring           
autocrat: Kief, feastocrat:Gwynn, questocrat: Gwynn, site: Kief’s lands

86  Valhalla*                             
autocrat: ?       feastocrat: ?          questocrat: Sean Michael, site: 
Kief’s lands

87  The Narwhal                     
autocrat: Alix ( Morag ), feastocrat: ?     questocrat: Gwynn, site: 
Stones I

88  Search For The Holy Grail*
autocrat: ?   feastocrat: ?   questocrat: Alix , site: Stones I

89 ??? 
autocrat: ?  ,feastocrat: ?   questocrat: Aidan, site:Stones II

90 ???
autocrat: ?  feastocrat: ?  questocrat: Aidan, site: Stones II

91  The Lost Faierie Princess*
autocrat: ?  feastocrat: ?  questocrat: Barkis, site: Stones II

92  Real Estate
autocrat: ( Doyle Angus?)  feastocrat: Gwynn, questocrat: Athaulf, site: 
Stones II

93  Quest for the Crimson Clover
autocrat: Marius, feastocrat: ?  questocrat: Marius and Kief, site: 
Stones II

94  The Twins
autocrat: Chrystal, feastocrat: Daffyd, questocrat: Gwynn, site: Stone 

95  break year

96 Eric The Red*
autocrat: ?  feastocrat: Gwynn, questocrat: Aesc, site: Stones II

97  break year

98  rescheduled

99 Grendel's Curse
autocrat: Lorraine, feastocrat: Zorcon, questocrat: Gwynn, site; Stones 

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