RF - Tourney this Sunday!

Tim Lozos timden at lcc.net
Fri Mar 19 06:49:48 PST 1999


Our good Knights Marshall, Ld. Jean Michele du Mauex, is sponsoring a
tournament (with prizes and everything) this Sunday afternoon (March 21) at
the Gazebo park.

This is a grand idea and an excellent time for everyone to come out in their
finest garb and best armour, to take the field in sport and entertainment
for the ladies and populace at large. If you have little experience in pas
de armes, this will be a great time to learn amongst friends.

ohhhhh...... and it'll also be nice to kick back and enjoy, after we have
finished Trash Pick Up at 10am on Sunday (yes, the same day)! Please come
and help your Barony!! Many hands make light work!  


PS: I will be having Tuesday night practice again, starting next week)

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