RF - Wake for Connull MacGruer

aodhfionn@unforgettable.com aodhfionn at unforgettable.com
Wed Mar 31 17:14:24 PST 1999

Unto all interested parties, Greetings.

A wake will be held for Connull MacGruer the weekend of Quest for the Clover in his household's camp.  The wake will start at sunset and continue, in an informal fashion including stories and memories, until sunrise.

None need feel pressured to attend for the entire time.  Several of us closest to him do not necessarilly intend to do so.  Anyone wishing to leave at any time is welcome to do so. And anyone who knew him is welcome to arrive whenever they see fit.

At roughly midnight, there will also be a gathering of family and friends at the household camp.

There will be more information available for those interested at the Troll/Gatekeeper booth at Quest.

All of us involved would like to thank everyone for their patience, understanding, and advice.

In Memory,

Aodhfionn Mac Cormaic

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