RF - Pennsic XXIX

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Wed Apr 19 17:34:13 PDT 2000

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>Subject: Re: RF - Pennsic XXIX
>Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 16:35:08 PDT
>>as for Pennsic...myself, Danny and Trisha will definately be there! count
>>in! and pre-regis is already on its way!!
>>hope to have as much of a blast as we did last year!!
>What did you pre register under??

YUP YUP thats who we registered with..although on the "Official" pennsic 
page the Kingdom has not been set up as yet on the land page.....i sure hope 
we have more room than last year..i believe we are going to need it!!
>I think the group name is "Kingdom of Ansteorra"
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