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I recently attended Crown Tourney and in between watching the rounds, I 
managed to chat with a very good Bard friend of mine.

One thing led to another and we ended up singing songs as the Baron of 
Raven's Fort happened past.

Now this Baron had been given a challenge, and like any good authority 
figure he quickly looked to delegate responsibility.  Therefore, the two of 
us were ordered..er..um.."asked" *wink*...to help complete this mission.

The Mission is to compose a new Ansteorran "theme" song.

A little blown away by the enormity of this task, my Bardic friend and I 
settled down to coming up with a plan of attack.

Here's where the rest of you come in.

Ansteorra is not just about the deeds that are done here and the prowess of 
our Kingdom as a whole. But also about the people themselves. History is 
rich and what better place to get the motivation for a GREAT song then from 
the history of this Great Kingdom?

So please, take a moment and think of a time in the history of your personal 
involvement with this society. Or recall a story you heard sitting around a 
fire some dark night. Remember things of honor, pride and glory. And please 
forward those stories to me so that I can see what the history of Ansteorra 
means to the PEOPLE of Ansteorra.

In Service,
Hrafnhildr Ulfsdottir

Please forward these stories to me privately so as not to clutter the list. 
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