RF - FW: Two Important Annoucements...(no jokes this time)

AMH/DBLJ orthart at earthlink.net
Fri Apr 21 13:15:27 PDT 2000

I have not checked my email for several days so this is the first I've
heard of this.  Even last night at officers meeting, I heard talk of an
entourage workshop and Kief & I even had a short conversation about Timo
but it was never really spelled out after I arrived, so I didn't catch it.
CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!  What a graceful Crown this will be.  We
locals can not be more proud of this honored couple.

Pax,          Marius

David Hoffpauir wrote:

> For some reason, I am not able to post to the Raven's Fort list nor any
> other list from my hotmail account... So you will read it from the
> Baron's account... Thanks for your patience!
> HE Chrystal
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> Subject: Two Important Annoucements...(no jokes this time)
> Greetings to everyone on the Ravens Fort List & Sweinnet!
> I have a couple/few quick annoucements (NO JOKES this time, see, it
> is possible to get real email from me once in a while...hehe).
> ********************************************************************
> For those of you who do not subscribe to any other list than ours:
> NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> This past weekend, Sir Timo won Crown Tournament!!!!
> Vivat Their Highness' Timo & Allyson!!!!
> In regards to that, Their Highness' & many others within the Barony
> would like to see Raven's Fort put in a bid for Coronation in July
> (15-16, 2000). I myself am in the process of tracking down
> information on a Hall large enough to seat 500-700+ that has AC...
> If anyone on this list knows or has a contact name or number for
> a place, PLEASE send it to me or telephone me with the information.
> It would be nice to have the site within about one hour's drive from
> Huntsville/Conroe area or be centerally located in the state.
> Please forward this info out & ask them to contact me with the
> information. Thanks!
> ********************************************************************
> Next subject:  "How To Be In An Entourage" Class
> Her Highness, Allyson, would like to invite ANYONE who is interested
> in learning the ins/outs, do's/don'ts of being in an entourage &
> anything similar or related to the subject.
> Date: April 26, 2000 (Wednesday)
> Place: Their Highness' home (north of Huntsville, on FM 1696)
> Time: 7pm - 10pm  SHARP
> (It was emphasized that IT WILL START & END ON TIME!
> Start at 7pm & end at 10pm, then everyone goes home...)
> *********************************************************************
> Thanks for your time & consideration & reading all of the way
> through to here. Any questions, please contact me for further
> information...
> In Service,
> HE Chrystal Ariana MacRuari, Baroness of Raven's Fort
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