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Fri Apr 21 17:09:19 PDT 2000


Please let me barge in for a moment, for a bit of bandwidth. If the
information below is not of interest or need for the reader, please accept
my apologies now, but this was the fastest way to get this information to
the people that might need it.

Things change...even for me...

I have left the employee of PrimeCo PCS and will be starting a job Monday
with Data Marketing Associates of Dallas, Texas.

I am staying in Huntsville for the time being.

HOWEVER, my cell phone number and office phone number are changing effective

Please note the following numbers for contacting me concerning activities
needs that I am responsible for or particpate in.....

Cell Phone (still the best way to reach me)            936-499-7055
Office phone
Home Phone (no change)                                     936-291-9532
Email Address
niklas at wt.net

Thank you for the bandwidth and patience.

Paul Gilbert

Paul Gilbert, KE5ZW                                 Ld. Niklas Vasilievich
Huntsville, Texas 77320                             Kingdom Secretary
936-291-9532 (home)                                 Kingdom of Ansteorra
936-499-7055 (work)                                  Seneschal of The Barony
niklas at wt.net                                           Barony of Ravensfort

All of the above is my opinion and my opinion alone and it's mileage WILL

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