RF - Bid for Coronation

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Here are some of the needs of the possible coronation site....

Be able to seat about 600 for a sit down feast.
Parking for above.
within an hours drive of Huntsville or centrally located to Kingdom.
Does not break the bank.

TRH have already ruled that the Grimes County Fairground is out.

Is there anyplace in BCS or Brazos County?

Has anyone looked at Huntsville High School. They have a commons area in the
middle of the school


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> How about GRIMES Co. Fair Grounds. Its not to far away.
>    Montgomery fair Grounds.
>    The SHSU Dome.
>    Maybe a local school. Huntsville Highschool. or Huntsvill Jr.High.
>                                    my two cents.
>Brian du Val

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