RF - Directions to Contrade... or could I get a ride?

WolfSong wolfsong at txucom.net
Thu Apr 27 19:50:37 PDT 2000

Thanks to those of you who helped me get some oil for my car last night. I appreciate it very much. I also wanted to know if I could possibly get a ride with someone... to Contrade... My car has been overheating...because the fan isn't working.. and until next week I can't get my car into the shop.. although I can drive it and it woud be fine... I would rather not.

I don't have very many things I bring.  I have a back pack, caboodle, blankets/pillows, and an Air mattress... I may be bringing home two more things (like a tent and a chair) *hoping*

okay well other than that.. thanks again....

I live in HUntsville.

My contct info is wolfsong at txucom.net OR wolfsong6396 at hotmail.com  my ICQ is 23795534 and the AIM is W0lfs0n9

Okay thanks.

Allie (Gehennæ M'Kiernan)

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