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Defender of the Fort XVIII


Royal Huntsman

September 15,16,17 2000

Their Sable Winged Excellencies Baron David St. David, Baroness Chrystal Ariana MacRuari and the Populace of The Barony of Raven's Fort invites all to the 18th Defender of the Fort and the Royal Huntsman tourney to be held at the Stones of Raven's Fort in Huntsville, Texas.

The Competitions to be held are as follows:

Chivalric, Cavalier, Arts and Sciences,Newcomers lists and Banner competition 


The Royal Huntsman

Archery Tourney 

 The Ansteorran Longship Company will be serving breakfast on Saturday and Sunday
Largess will be awarded for the best banners at the camps and court. Please bring your own banner pole and holders. There are a limited few available on site. 

A Glima tourney (wrestling) will be held by torch light Saturday evening for your viewing pleasure. Any adult may enter. Prizes will be awarded to the winner.   

    The Event will be held in the Viking tradition with Scandinavian garb as choice of dress but not required. The Feast will be Scandinavian cooking with plenty of food for all.

The Stones of Raven's Fort is a primitive site. There are cold water showers and limited water available. It is a wet site with period containers. Fires will be allowed if the weather permits. All mundane laws will be enforced. Pets must be on a leash and with proof of current vaccination (tags not sufficient) to be allowed on site. SCA policies pertaining to minors and their behavior will be followed. Minor waivers can be found in the Black Star. The site will open at 4 p.m. Friday and close at 3pm on Sunday. There is no trash service available on site, if you bring it in, pack it out.

The Feast will be as follows:

Fiskfile'     Smoked Salmon

Tilliliha     Finnish dill meat

Spenatsoppa     Spinach soup

Inkokta Rodbetor     Pickled Beets

Syltedeagurker     Cucumber Salad

MandelFyllda Stekta Applen     Baked Apples with Almond filling

Bullar     Wheat Buns

Cheeses and Apple Cider with honey

Feast will be limited to 175 people

Site fee will be $8.00, Feast $7.00. Children under twelve will pay $4.00 site and $4.00 feast. Children under five get in free. A $2.00 discount will be given for site fee to all adults that have a current SCA membership card with them.

Autocrat:                                                       Feastocrat:

H.L. Brian du Val                                              Ld.Ivan the Hedgehog 

6 Whippoorwill                                                  dan at entc.tamu.edu 

Huntsville, Texas 77340                                   Feast Reservations:

(936) 295-4671                                                 Ld. Jean-Michel de Mea

cobalt60 at lcc.net                                              (936) 293-8179                

                                                                             j_meaux at yahoo.com 

The site is the Stones of Ravens Fort. 

Thank you for reading this Announcement.

Please feel free to share this with your Populace.

H.L. Brian du Val :o)

Please E-mail me personally for a map!


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