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Stargate is proud to present this year, in honor of the Crown, the new and
recently past Baron and Baroness, and the new baronial champion, a fine
early period Greek feast prepared in the period style, over an open hearth.
Return to your culinary roots and feast the night away as mounds of food are
offered for you to browse and devour.   The feast will take place during a
break in court, a welcome repast that will delight your senses and inspire
your cheer.

Some of the offerings planned for this auspicious event include:

Fresh greens and vegetables with Sauce
Wheat loaves
Pita breads
Garlic cheese
Wine marinated Olives
Relish and Feta
Lentils with leeks and mustard
Open-hearth slow roasted Beef and Bird with Honey Wine sauce
Roasted vegetables
Fresh chilled Fruit
Honey Nut cake
Delian Sweets

The menu is based upon the writings of  Athenaeus, Cato, Apicius,
Archestratus, Homer, and Hesychius.   Slight modifications and some artistic
license have been taken to assure that everything tastes great.    I've
tried everything and can promise a very luscious feast.

An alternative will be available for the younger descendants.

A noonday meal of hearty soup, grilled sausages,  bread, and fruit may be
purchased separately at the kitchen door.   Proceeds to help finance the
evening feast.

Feast is limited to 175 nobles.   Please reserve early.   Contact Vaclav at
tedk at or 713-686-9883.   Contact Vaclav if you have special
gastronomical requests.

Notice!   Cooks, cook's assistants, clerks, stewards, servers, kitchen-boys,
kitchen-maids, turnspits, and scullery help are desired for the Good Barons'
kitchen staff.   If you can help at either one of the two cooking days or at
the event, please contact Vaclav.   I would like to add several delicacies
to the menu if time and help permit.   Cooking days will be the Saturday
before and the Thursday evening before the event.    Much help will be
needed on the day of the event, where most of the preparation will take
place to insure freshness.   Lectures in period cooking methods, available
foods, and the intricacies of life will be provided at no additional charge.

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