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Good Day from the Estrella17 Publicity Committee! Please feel free to 
cross-post this to any groups that might be interested.If you have any 
questions, contact information is in the article.




1.As the Camp Organizer / Group Representative what do I need to do?
A)Send to the land committee the group registration form.  On this form you 
will indicate a group name in which your members will use to identify their 
group.  This name must be consistent and accurate as it is the basis in 
which land is allocated.
B)Promote pre-registration of your members!  Pre-registration = more land.
C)Read and understand the land policy and the FAQ for attendees.  Field the 
questions of your members that concern them.  Should you be unable to answer 
these questions you may inquire directly to the Estrella Land Staff for 
D)Watch the website for pre-registration totals for your group and confirm 
that your group is getting pre-registered as you expect.
E)Visit the website before the war (within 30 days) to learn of your groups 
F)Arrive on site before anyone else in your camp and with a plan to lay out 
your camp.
G)Arrange your camp according to reason, tradition, and customs of your 
group within the space allotted.
H)Choose at least one assistant that can help people find where they are to 
pitch their tent(s) when you are not in camp.

2.My group has a large tent (kitchen, common area, etc….)  How do I get land 
for this purpose?
There will be 225 square feet allocated for each pre-registered adult in the 
camp.  The land not used by these individuals can be granted (with 
consideration) to private and public space within the group.

3.My group wants to camp next to a particular group(s).
Arrange with that group to unite your land allocation, and divide it fairly 
at the war.  Both of your groups must use the same group name on 
pre-registration forms.  This land policy is very flexible.  If an entire 
Kingdom wished, they could unite their entire land allocation and divide 
this very large tract according to their own design.

4.My group has fewer than 20 members yet we still want to participate in the 
land allocations (as opposed to overflow camping).
Unite with another group and make arrangements to divide the allotted land 
between your groups.  The 20-person provision has been set to make the 
administration of land allocation feasible.

5.How will land be allocated in relation to Kingdoms?
The site will be grouped into regions delineated by the principle Kingdoms.  
On the group pre-registration form you will indicate the region that your 
group wishes to camp in.  It need not be the same as your home Kingdom.

6.What if our Group doesn’t show up when the gate opens on Wednesday?
If your group is not present when the gates open on Wednesday, that is fine. 
  All of the Allocated Lands will be held for the various groups until 
Friday Noon (unless other arrangements have been made with the Land 
Allocation Autocrat).

7.What if there are people in our group that don’t pre-register?
If there are people in your group that do not wish to pre-register the 
burden now falls to the group to either ‘suck it up’ and make room for them 
or they will have to camp in the overflow.

8.Do I need to collect all of my groups pre-war registrations fees?
No, individuals pre-register directly to the Estrella War.

9.What if people join our Group after pre-registration closes; can we still 
get land for them?
You or your Group may purchase extra War membership ahead of time in 
anticipation of people joining after pre-registration (or finding out that 
they can get time off of work) and then transfer it to the individual before 
the war or at the front gate.

10.Can our group ‘buy’ extra land?
As above, you or your group may purchase extra War memberships ahead of 
time.  The additional portion of land stays with your group.  This can be 
utilized to provide land for large pavilions, dog kennels, large kitchens, 
or other “luxury” uses of space.  If your group registers an excessive 
amount of land in ratio to your attendance, you will be required to justify 
the use of space.

11.How can I buy more land?
You can choose to register yourself more than once.  You can also “upgrade” 
children and youth by paying the higher amount, but please give actual birth 
date information for all minors.  We need accurate information for waivers 
and youth tokens.  The payment made will define the land allotment.   A 
minor’s birth date will define tokens and waivers assigned.

12.I have questions that aren’t answered here?
Call the Land Allocation Autocrat at 480-857-0734, or send an email to 
element at

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