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Unto the Fine Gentles for Ansteorra,

                    September 8th - 10th            Livingston 3rd
Monday Trade Days


                    Chivalric        Rapier           Equestrian
Archery        Children's

                    Bardic                              Arts &
Science               Youth Rapier

The Barony of Stargate cordially invites one and all to celebrate the
glorious and prosperous reign of Their Excellencies Master Michael
Silverhands and Mistress Neassa the Obstreperous and the dawn of a new
era of joy, excitement and continued prosperity at the investiture of
their heirs Sir Godwin of Edington and Mistress Ellisena de Bayonne.

We quest throughout our lands for worthy gentles to be our new Baronial
Champions; the inaugural Champions for our new Baron and Baroness.  Our
Chivalric Champion will be courageous and fearless on the field of
battle, keeping our lands safe from all who try to overcome us and bound
by his honor to serve our Excellencies.  We also quest for a gallant to
be our Rapier Champion who is courtly, courageous and possesses a true
and gentle heart to ensure our Baroness is always protected.  We will be
requiring the services of a Master of the Horse; one who possesses the
skills of accuracy, speed, being one with the mighty steed and with a
keen knowledge of our Barony and Kingdom.  And to protect our forests an
Archer who is sure of eye, has a steady aim and the cunning to outwit
his opponents (IKAC, no crossbows).  We seek a children's champion to
assure our future.  To give them honor for their prowess the adult
Baronial Champions will each receive a beautiful hand made wooden chest
filled with other treasures.   There will also be a ball in the evening
after court.

Directions:  Take your best route to Livingston.  The site is ? of a
mile north of Highway 190 at 925 U.S.  59 Bypass North, across from the
Texas Pepper Restaurant and follow the SCA signs.  The Black Star says
the entrance is "across from the Catfish King Restaurant".  There are
two entrances and the one across from the Texas Pepper is easier to
access for those going North on 59 as there is a crossover.

Please be sure to check the Baronial/Investiture web page for more
details and current information as it becomes available at

In service to Kingdom & Barony
Lady Isabeau Quiquadon
Event Steward, Stargate Baronial – Investiture
(m/k/a Terri Walker)
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