RF - We'rrreeeeeeeee BBBBaaaccccccckkkkkkkk!!!!!!

Tim Peasgood hunaric at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 25 14:02:10 PDT 2000

Don't worry about the battle footage. I'm not sure how much Niklas got(a 
bunch I'm sure), but Beisarius the phantom got 6 rolls of the battles, and 
some of the best of the best tourney.
>ROFL  hahahahahaha   I am sure that if you asked him Alaric "Augh"
>Sweinbrothar would love to join in on the fun!!!! hahaha
>espically if home brew is served it was so yummy at pennisic and such a
>treat to have!!
>oh, by the way, i have taken a total of 11 rolls of film from the escapades
>and will get them back in a few weeks i assume.  anyone out there have
>armands addy so i can send him a few??? would be much appreciated!!  do
>battle pics tho guys sorry, couldnt seem to get my lazy arse outta bed that
>early!! ahh such is the life of a warrior!!
>thanks to RF and all the other folks of anesteorra for making it a most
>memorable pennsic!!
>Mira mira on the wall.....

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