RF - We'rrreeeeeeeee BBBBaaaccccccckkkkkkkk!!!!!!

iris2@onramp.net iris2 at onramp.net
Sat Aug 26 14:25:40 PDT 2000

That's ok.  I do understand.  I think it has something to do with our not being 20 anymore.
I also need to tender an apology as I did not get to Ansteorrea Camp as much as I would have
liked to. As a result, there were a number of folk that I did not get to see.  That,
unfortunately was due to my duties up at Horde Camp.  I was stuck in camp for the first 3
days of war.  But once I finally got out... well...   And FYI, the Landless White Trash
party was an unqualified hit!  Bunny and I have been asked to sponsor it again next year-
same Horde Camp, next Pennsic War!

Take care,

Gary Houser wrote:

> Hay J., sorry I didn't make it to Horde camp for yer swarai but my poor but was dragging
> come sundown each day. Those resurrection battles are hell on old folk!
> Say hi to Bunny for me. Oh I bumped into Raven at Pennsic.
> iris2 at onramp.net wrote:
> > Yes, I do have them and yes, I do teach.  And what's more, I enjoy doing that.
> > Thanks, Kaleb.  You're a gem.
> >
> > Jalali

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