RF - Work Weekend 9/2/00

Paul Gilbert niklas at wt.net
Thu Aug 31 09:04:13 PDT 2000

Magnus, call me on the phone...936-499-7055 or send me a number I can call.

BTW, it is not a matter that this is not wanted on the list, it is a matter 
of protocol and being sure the autocrats and folks responsible for the 
event are in the loop and directing the efforts to the proper end.

It is good that folks want to work, do NOT ever get me wrong on that. I 
never turn down help. But efforts must be directed into productive ends 
rather than random shots. This is the job of the autocrat when it pertains 
to an event...of which John is the autocrat and I might add, a damn fine one.

Sept is a very busy month for the members of Ravens Fort. It will be even 
busier this month with the investiture of Stargate (many want to go and 
some are with the Crown) and a major event every weekend this month. 
However, we will get thru it in style as we have many times in the past.

In Service....

Ld. Niklas
Seneschal of Ravens Fort

At 10:35 AM 8/31/00 -0700, you wrote:
>First of all, John has been out of town.  The messages discussing work
>when and where needed on the site,  the schedule conflict between
>Stargate Baronial and one of our work weekends, and the last minute
>shuffling of the last work weekend were intended for him and no one
>else.  He knows what needs to be done and can direct the efforts of
>folks when he gets back accordingly.
>The other part was to Sir Keif who will answer or not depending on
>what he needs to do on site.
> >From now on these items will be discussed privately since it
>seems they are not wanted on the list.

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